Vex 3 Xmas

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Vex 3 Xmas
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What is Vex 3 Xmas?

Vex 3 Xmas

Well, here we are, giving you the chance to play Vex 3 Xmas online, which, as the title suggests, takes the levels you probably already know and love from Vex 3, one of the most popular games in this series, but gives it a Christmas theme, as your stickman will wear a Christmas hat, and all around there will be trees, lollies, decorations, and more!

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Use WASD or the ARROWS to move and jump with your character, as you try reaching from one checkpoint to another until you get to the finish line at the end of the courses. Jump from wall to wall, use bouncy platforms, get over the ones that fall, and be careful not to fall into the pits, or lose.

There can be upgrades and useful items you should grab and use, while you should avoid dangers of any kind. It's as easy as that, so now that you've certainly got the gist of it, feel free to begin, and make sure not to stop here, since there are many more great games to come every day, only here!

How to play?

Use the WASD/ARROW keys.

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