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What are Vex Games?

Vex Games was a category that HAD to be created after the seventh installment just dropped because we can now clearly see that this is a series that aims to stick around even more so than it already has because this is a series of platform-adventure games that comes from the days of flash gaming, but it has been revamped and brought along into the modern age with new installments that are HTML5 and playable on mobile devices, not only PCs, and you don't even need to mourn the death of flash, since all the versions are still available for you to play!

Learn to play Vex Games online and have fun with them!

There are many tags that could be attributed to this series, but they can be known as platform-adventure games with stickman characters, well, one character, a stick figure man, and they also have elements of puzzle-solving, levels structured like in an arcade, and they might also be called running and jumping games since those are things you will primarily do.

Using either the WASD keys or the ARROWS, you control Vex, which is what we will call the stick figure, in a world of primarily black and white, where white is the background, and black are the platforms on which you run and jump, or slide on the walls, or do wall jumps from one to another to get higher.

The stages are usually called acts, and each new act introduces new mechanics, but, most importantly, they introduce new obstacles and traps as well, all of which you need to avoid as you advance through the courses because hitting into them means losing the level then and there.

Of course, you don't always need to look like a basic stick figure, because through the game you can unlock many skins for your character, and depending on how well you perform, you also win trophies, or achievements, so don't fear what's in front of you, but take it on with courage!

To unlock these new characters, of course, you are going to need currency, and that is usually in the form of coins that you collect through the levels. Of course, various upgrades and bonus items could also be found, and you can use them to clear the worlds in which you are with more ease.

These games take passion and dedication to finish them, but they are rewarding, so start playing them right now, from whichever entry you want, but if you want the full experience, start from the first to the most recent, and you can bet that when new editions appear, our website will be the first one to share them with you! Enjoy!