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What are Red Ball Games?

Red Ball Games online is a special category of our website, because unlike many of the other pages here, this one is dedicated to a series of original games, ones that have not been inspired by television shows, movies, comics, or any other media like that, but were instead created for the enjoyment of gamers, who, over time, have definitely appreciated these as some of the best platform-adventure games on the internet, which started off back in 2009, in the world of FLASH (RED BALL 1 through 3), but now have made the transition to HTML5 technology, and the newest installments you can even play on your phones or tablets, such as RED BALL 4 and its various volumes, or interesting spin-offs like Heroball Adventures.

How to play Red Ball Games unblocked:

The Red Ball, which is the character you embody, is usually put in a place full of dangers and enemies, such as creatures with other shapes, mainly evil squares, or traps and dangers at every step of the way, like triangles that act as spikes. These you are meant to avoid at any cost since you die if you face them head-on, but when it comes to the enemies, you can sometimes defeat them using the classic hit them on top of their head move from many other platform games.

Of course, each new level will feature a more difficult course that you have to go through, but in all of them, you should try collecting as many stars as possible to increase your score. Many of the entries in this story also have you rescuing friends, other balls, red or otherwise, who have been trapped in cages and who you need to break free, or sometimes your friends or family of balls is who you try to reach by completing one stage after another.

The arrow keys are usually used for rolling and jumping, with touch controls being available for phones or tablets. Now that you have this knowledge with you, you should be ready to face any threats coming your way, as the Red Ball, and have adventures made for the best gamers on the internet, our fans, and visitors!