Blue and Red Ball

Blue and Red Ball

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Blue and Red Ball
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Blue and Red Ball Overview


Blue and Red Ball is going to be yet another amazing game in 2 players that we bring you here to play for free today, a format that we have seen how much you enjoy, so, of course, we keep bringing you awesome content in it, just like with this platform-adventure game where the two balls resemble monsters from the internet!

Start the adventures of Blue and Red Ball!

Move and jump with WAD for one player, and use the ARROW keys for the other one, as you need to reach the end of each level, together, without even one of you dying, because in that case, you lose the level.

The goal you have is to reach the portals at the end of each level, while, along the way, collecting the three stars, collecting coins for the score, which you can also use in the shop, and make sure to take the key because you cannot pass the levels otherwise.

Each new level gets more difficult than the last one, but also more fun. Let's start right now, only here, and we hope to see you around for more fun to come!

How to play?

Use WAD and the ARROWS.

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