Roller Ball 6 : Bounce Ball

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What is Roller Ball 6 : Bounce Ball?

Roller Ball 6 : Bounce Ball

Roller Ball 6 : Bounce Ball 6 is a brand new chapter in the wide story of the Red Ball Games saga that we are delighted to share with you here on our website, not only because you can play it on mobile devices as well, but because it is a lost story in this adventure, and we are very happy to unearth it and offer it to you for tons of fun right now!

Roller Ball 6, Bounce Ball 6, no matter how it's called, it's fun, so start playing!

Reach the end of each level where a door awaits you, a door with a portal, and if you go through it you advance towards the following level, where you have a new course, a more fun one, albeit more difficult at the same time.

Use the right and left arrow keys to move, the up one to jump, and use the touchscreen controls for the same actions. Collect coins to get points, since you can use them in the main menu between levels to change the skins of the ball.

Sometimes you also have keys on the courses, so grab those too, or the portal might not open, and take advantage of various platforms, moving slides, balancing wood, mobile stairs, and any other items that help you advance.

The squares that look like they come from some Aztec tribe are your enemies, so avoid them altogether, or jump on top of their heads to kill them. All this fun awaits you just one click away, so what are you waiting for?

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How to play?

Use the arrows.