Red Ball Bounce

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What is Red Ball Bounce?

Red Ball Bounce

Red Ball Bounce is here to bring some new blood into the Red Ball Games category of our website, already one of the most popular series of puzzle-adventure games online we've got here, on top of which we always stay, making sure that you don't miss out on the new additions to the series, which only make it even better!

Bounce with the Red Ball, just for fun!

Lush Green Hills is where the first half of the levels take place, followed by the Deep Jungle. Use W, A, and D to move and jump with the Red Ball character, and as you advance forward, make sure to keep avoiding traps, obstacles, and enemies, since you might die if you bump into them.

As you advance, also try collecting stars for a bigger score, and take advantage of various objects and use them to advance past points where it is more difficult to get past. It's quite that simple, and lots of fun, like all games in this genre, so starting it right now is what we hope to see you do!

How to play?

Use W, A, D to move and jump.

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