Ball Evo: Bounce Heroes

Ball Evo: Bounce Heroes

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Ball Evo: Bounce Heroes
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Ball Evo: Bounce Heroes Overview


Ball Evo: Bounce Heroes is a new take on Red Ball Games online, which have become really popular platform-adventure games with running and jumping elements, even though you could say you are rolling more than running since you are taking control of a ball, as you do here with this ball that wants to be the hero that is saving all of its friends that were trapped and imprisoned by the blocks, their ever-lasting enemies!

Play Ball Evo and become Bounce Heroes online!

Control your ball using the ARROWS or the WASD keys, using them to move and jump. To win each of the eleven levels to this game, you need to reach the flag at the finish line and cross it, but along the way, make sure you pick up balls that have been kidnapped and trapped inside of boxes, so roll through them to free your friends. In some cases, you will first need to collect the keys to be able to open said jail cells.

Collect all the stars, and be a star!

Along the courses, there are stars to collect, of which we hope you grab as many as possible since they can be used in the main menu to unlock new skins for your ball. Diamonds are worth even more, so don't miss out on those either.

Beware of the traps, enemies, and dangers!

Spikes, pits between the pieces of land, and rolling wheels with spikes on them are just some of the traps you encounter, and the block monsters are your enemies. Avoid the dangers and traps, and you can get extra points by stomping the blocks, something you do by jumping on top of their heads.

You have a limited number of lives through the entire game, so if you lose all your hearts because you hit into the bad things, you lose and have to restart.

Use tools to advance!

Sometimes you have to open up doors and move platforms around, use bouncy platforms to jump higher, or move boxes into a new place, and then use them to jump even higher than you could have normally. Anything you can use to your advantage, do it, to keep the adventure going, and save all your friends as the ball hero!

How to play?

Use the WASD/ARROW keys.

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