Red Ball Christmas Love

Red Ball Christmas Love

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Red Ball Christmas Love
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Red Ball Christmas Love Overview


Red Ball and Pink Ball are living happily together until the evil square steals Pink Ball! You are in control of Red Ball and you must rescue Pink Ball. You must go through all of the Christmas themed levels to rescue her. To pass a level, you must roll until you reach the end. You must be wary of obstacles, you've only got 3 lives, and hitting an obstacle will lose you 1 life. Losing all 3 lives will lose you the level. Some obstacles will drain all 3 lives you have, failing the level instantly.

The obstacles range from small annoyances to dangerous ones that hurt you. The spikes will lose you 1 life if you touch them. The laser completely drains all of your lives and fail the level, you must wait until the laser beam turns off and then pass. Falling in the cold, freezing water will also fail the level, you have to pass through the disappearing blocks fast to not fall in the water. Gates can only be unlocked by collecting keys that can be found in the level. As you advance further in the game, you'll encounter new and more obstacles.

On all levels, you will find stars. These are optional, you don't need them to complete the level but with enough stars, you will unlock new skins, the first skin you unlock changes Red Ball's color to pink. Each new skin increases in price, up to 100k stars. There are 15 levels in total, later levels increasing in difficulty by introducing new obstacles and by also increasing the number of obstacles.

Time to help Red Ball rescue Pink Ball!

How to play?

Use the ARROW keys or WASD to move. Pressing R resets the level. On mobile use the onscreen buttons.

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