Red and Blue Ball Cupid Love

Red and Blue Ball Cupid Love

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Red and Blue Ball Cupid Love
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Red and Blue Ball Cupid Love Overview


Red and Blue Ball Cupid Love has been added to our website just in time for Valentine's Day, and because we know that Red Ball games with platform-adventure elements are always going to be a staple of our website if which you want more, and so we would not have dared miss out on the chance to share this one with you!

Become Cupid and make Love happen between Red and Blue Ball!

Use the arrow keys to move and jump with the balls, and through each level, you need to help Blue Ball get the blue half of the heart symbol, and help the Red Ball get the red half of it, and then put them both on the altar where that sits.

Use CTRL to change between the two balls, and if you can, try collecting as many coins as possible as well, to increase your score. There can also be power-ups to pick up, such as magnets that help you collect more coins at once, as they draw toward you.

Make sure to avoid obstacles and traps, because if even one ball dies, you lose. The square enemies can be defeated by jumping on top of their heads, but if you hit them head-on, you lose. Good luck, enjoy!

How to play?

Use the arrows and CTRL key.


Bin Studio

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