Red Ball: Gravity

Red Ball: Gravity

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Red Ball: Gravity
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Red Ball: Gravity Overview


Red Ball: Gravity is going to be totally different from the previous Red Ball Games online you've played so many times before on our website, and we're saying that because instead of being a platform-adventure game online, this is a puzzle and logic game with skill elements, where you use gravity and explosions to your help, something we're now going to teach you how to do, worry not!

Solve the gravity puzzles with Red Ball!

In each of the thirty levels of this game, which come with an increasing level of difficulty too, you need to help the Red Ball complete the course in front of it in such a way that you collect all three stars and make the full performance you need to get all the ninety stars this game has up for grabs.

The ball will always begin from a static point, usually upon a block, a block that you can eliminate by clicking/tapping on it and making it explode. Do that in order to get the ball rolling thanks to gravity because it falls, and along the course, tap on other blocks to keep it moving. Think of the best blocks to explode in order to finish the level.

If you do that and the Red Ball has collected all three stars, you win the level and advance to the next one. If you get stuck, cannot move anymore, fall into any of the dangers, and traps, or hit the black monsters that are your enemies, you lose.

Make use of ramps, which can help you move forward, as well as bombs, creating chain reaction explosions to move faster and further, or you even have springs that you can jump on to get higher and move past the walls. Figure out what in a level can help you, and what is a problem, and plan accordingly!

It's rare for anyone to play such awesome puzzle games, so make sure you're not missing out on this one right now, after which we recommend even more of our daily content which is just as good maybe even better!

🤔 Tips & Tricks

  • Bump into bombs to make them explode and get rid of blocks that block you.
  • Reach the football net at the end to finish each stage.

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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