Red Ball: 5 Enemies vs Ball

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Red Ball: 5 Enemies vs Ball
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What is Red Ball: 5 Enemies vs Ball?

Red Ball: 5 Enemies vs Ball

Red Ball: 5 Enemies vs Ball is a brand new platform-adventure game with running and jumping set in the world of Red Ball Games, which are among the most popular ones with this format, and you will see why as soon as you start this one, whether you choose to play it on computers or mobile devices!

Help Red Ball defeat his 5 Enemies!

Use the right, left, and up arrow keys to move and jump, or the corresponding touch keys, so that you reach the end of each level, where there is a flag waiting. Along the way, try collecting as many coins and diamonds as possible, and using them in the shop to buy new skins for yourselves.

Know that enemies are moving around, as the title shows, and you can defeat them by jumping on top of their heads, but know that if you bump into them directly, you are going to lose a life, and losing all three lives means losing the level as well, having to start it again from scratch.

Each new stage is more difficult than the last, as you can expect, and we wish you the best towards all, so that you finish the whole game, and have fun as only here is possible!

How to play?

Use the arrows.

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