FireBall Adventure

FireBall Adventure

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FireBall Adventure
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FireBall Adventure Overview


FireBall Adventure is the next spin-off added to the Red Ball Games series on our website, always been a fan-favorite when it comes to platform-adventure games online, which is why we could not have missed a chance to share this new take with you, that you can play on either computers or mobile devices and which we will teach you how right now, which is a must-read, especially for newcomers!

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Use the arrow keys or the wasd keys to move and jump, having touch controls if you are playing on computers or mobile devices.

Take the Fireball from the start of a level to the end of it, making sure not to fall into the holes, hit the spikes, or the water blocks and other water enemies directly head-on because if it happens, you lose said level and need to start it again from scratch. You can defeat the waterblocks by jumping on top of their heads.

Instead, collect all the dandelions that you find along the way to increase your score. Know that to finish a level you will always need to get a key first, which opens the door to the next stage, so don't forget it. We wish you the best in this amazing new adventure, and we hope to see you here day by day to play even more of our amazing games!

How to play?

Use the WASD/ARROW keys.

Tips & Tricks

  • To defeat the monsters of water shaped like blocks, jump and stomp on top of their heads.
  • Grab the key to open the lock to the next levels.
  • Use boosters and power-ups you find to move faster.

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