Red Ball Forever

Red Ball Forever

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Red Ball Forever
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Red Ball Forever Overview


Red Ball Forever is going to be one of the best new platform-adventure games with Red Ball that we've had on our website in a while, as this category and its games are already classics by themselves, but this new spin-off brings along tons of new elements for you to enjoy, the game is mobile-friendly, and it features 14 main levels and one final round that are going to be very exciting and fresh!

Play Red Ball Forever online and have fun!

Use either the WASD keys or the ARROWS to move and jump with the red ball, and as you do that, make sure to reach the flag at the end of each level to finish them, simple as that.

Well, maybe it is not that simple, after all! You need to avoid spikes, enemies, and other traps in your path because if you lose three lives, you also lose the game.

At the same time, try collecting all of the stars before you reach the end of the levels because you get to use them to buy new skins for your ball character.

There will be wooden blocks, platforms, bridges, and other items that you should take advantage of in jumping higher, avoiding traps, and reaching further, so a bit of logical thinking will go a long way in your adventure!

Begin it right now, as only here is possible, and don't stop here, because the day has just started, and we've got more surprises coming for you!

How to play?

Use the arrows or the w, a, s, d keys.



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