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What are Wheely Games?

Considering how many Wheely Games online are out there, both on PCs and mobile devices, we knew that on our website we had to have a category dedicated for them, even more so considering that we have all the entries in the series gathered, so now we've made it easier than ever for you to find and play some of the best puzzle-adventure games with driving on the internet, which have definitely revolutionized the genre at the heights of friv games. If, for example, you've enjoyed games like Snail Bob in the past, this category is definitely suited for you!

How to play our best Wheely Games online for free!

Wheely is a cute red car, and it needs to drive forward to complete its life goals and various missions, which is what you help it with by solving the puzzles on each level, interacting with the mouse or finger with the objects around it. Levers, buttons, and the like, using them to clear the path for the car to drive ahead.

So, use the mouse to interact with the items surrounding the car, making it so that the path opens up for it to go further, with each new level bringing you a more difficult puzzle than before. So far, the series has a total of eight entries for you:

  • Wheely 1: the car drives across the world to reach a race, win it, and prove why it should not have been put on sale in the first place!
  • Wheely 2: search for Jolie, a pink car, and Wheely's love interest.
  • Wheely 3: after getting together with Jolie, the red car gets kidnapped by some gangsters, so ensure its freedom and reunite the couple!
  • Wheely 4: Time Travel - solve puzzles through history and learn about the world this way.
  • Wheely 5: Armaggedon - meteor showers threaten to end the world, help the car survive them!
  • Wheely 6: Fairytale - Wheely is now a knight car who has to save princess Jolie, just like in so many fantastical adventure stories we know you love!
  • Wheely 7: Detective - go undercover to solve the bank robbery mystery and catch the bad guys!
  • Wheely 8: Aliens - help aliens stuck on our planet get back to space by fixing their ship!

No matter which of these games you decide to play, fun is guaranteed, although we would love for you to start from the beginning so that you familiarize yourself with the characters and world, and game by game immerse yourself even more into this world we're glad to have built you right now!