Poke Red Ball

Poke Red Ball

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Poke Red Ball
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Poke Red Ball Overview


Our Red Ball Games online category has now become instantly better thanks to the addition of the amazing new game called Poke Red Ball, where, yes, you've guessed it, your ball is now going to be a Pokeball, and since we know very well how many people across the world love Pokemon in general, this will be an experience like none other, which none of you will miss out on!

Start the adventures of the Poke Red Ball online!

Use WAD or the corresponding arrow keys to move left, right, and jump, going with the Poke Ball until the finish flag at the end of each level, where you need to go and collect stars along the way before reaching there while making sure not to fall into pits, traps, get stuck in obstacles, or get defeated by monsters.

Stomp the monsters to dispose of them. With the stars, you earn you can buy all sorts of new skins for your ball in the shop, and know that you have a total of 15 levels to pass, one more difficult than the other, but, without a doubt, more fun at the same time. Now that you've understood, start right now, you won't regret it!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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