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Red Ball 1

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Red Ball 1
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Red Ball 1 Overview


It is time to play a unique game: Red Ball 1. Red Ball 1 is a fun game that’s only one of a list of fun Red Ball games you can play online for free! If you need a fun way to kill time while playing a platformer that will remind you of retro games, like Sonic the Hedgehog, then look no further than Red Ball 1.

Red Ball 1 Gameplay

Like Sonic the Hedgehog, or even Super Mario, Red Ball 1 has very simplistic gameplay. The basics of the game have you avoiding obstacles, jumping over gaps, utilizing moving platforms, and staying clear of danger.

You move from one level to the next, with the first couple of levels introducing you to the basics of Red Ball 1:

●    Use left or right or A/D keys to move.
●    Use Up or W keys to jump
●    Use R to restart the level
●    Use P to pause the game
●    Use ESC to quit

Red Ball 1 Tips

●    Physics is your friend! Get a rolling head start when you need to clear a gap, or get a slow head start if you are timing a platform jump. Trying to jump or clear a gap from a standing position is not going to do you well.
●    Do not rush through levels. There is not a timer, per se, unless you want to quickly move through the game. The more you rush, the more mistakes you will likely make. You want to look ahead at obstacles, plan your lifts and jumps, and make sure there are not any dangers ahead before you proceed.
●    Give yourself some extra breathing room with the thorns. It may look like you have cleared the thorns, but even one tiny tip will shatter your ball and your dreams of clearing the level. Make sure you give yourself plenty of room when trying to jump over dangerous obstacles.

Happy rolling!

How to play?

use the arrows to move.

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