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Heroball SuperHero

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Heroball SuperHero
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Heroball SuperHero Overview


Heroball SuperHero is a game that takes the format of the popular Red Ball Games online, some of the most intricate and lovely platform-adventure games where you go on a quest with a ball in a world full of blocks, but this time it gets even better thanks to the fact that the balls will have superhero skins of Captain America, who is the basic one you get for free, but you can unlock Iron Man and Spiderman too, using the stars you earn.

Become a Heroball SuperHero and have a cool adventure!

Use WASD or the ARROW keys to move and jump with your superhero ball, going forward through the courses in such a way that you avoid falling inside the pits, hitting traps such as spikes, or getting touched by enemies, in which case you lose. Some enemies can be eliminated by dropping on top of their heads.

Each new level features a course that is more difficult than before, but there are also more stars to collect, which is your currency for new skins and performance. Get the special purple ones as well to see what powers they give you, as any upgrades will be really useful to everyone.

Your new adventure is ready to start just one click away, if you are willing, so begin playing right now, after which we hope to see you around for way more fun to come, as we always promise to give you!

How to play?

Use WASD or the ARROW keys.



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