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Diablo Ball

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Diablo Ball
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Diablo Ball Overview


Diablo Ball is the latest take on platform-adventure games from the Red Ball Games category you already know and love for sure, with no doubt, which is why we're kickstarting this day off with this game, where the ball is going to have horns as it has become a devilish one, as it was already red, and you're going on an equally nasty adventure, something we will teach you more about right now!

Start the adventures of Diablo Ball online right now!

Use WAD or Up, Left, Right to move and jump with the ball, having to reach the end of each level/course but first collect the three stars scattered across the levels. Sometimes you have to open up chests to get that final start, and to do it you need the key for it, so search and take it, without it you might not even be able to finish the levels.

There will be platforms to jump on, and other power-ups you might find, and you can change the skin with your rewards. Now, the block monsters are enemies, so don't hit them directly, you lose a life each time, and losing all three means losing the game. Get extra rewards by defeating them, which you do by stomping on top of their heads, however many times it takes to break them.

Start right now, stick around, and invite friends to do the same, it would be a shame if they were not here!

How to play?


Tips & Tricks

  • Don't lose all three lives by hitting the block monsters, or you lose the stage!
  • Get the keys to open up chests and finish the levels.
  • Buy new skins for the Diablo Ball change its appearance according to your own imagination, and get power-up rewards between stages, randomly!

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