Ball Tales - The Holy Treasure

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What is Ball Tales - The Holy Treasure?

Ball Tales - The Holy Treasure

Ball Tales - The Holy Treasure represents one of the latest takes on Red Ball Games online that we are now happy to share with you all here, considering that these platform-adventure games keep being some of the most beloved on the internet, so as many new versions of them are welcome here, and we hope you don't miss out on this one right now!

Find The Holy Treasures in Ball Tales online!

Only the blue basic ball is available when you start, but as you earn coins, you get to unlock new skins to use. The Island will be your first map, and then you continue to Mine and Forest. Each of them has multiple levels for you to pass and depending on your performance at collecting them, you can earn from one to three stars per each stage.

Use the WAD keys to move and jump, well, roll, and jump, and collect the stars along the way, while making sure to avoid dangers, traps, pits, or obstacles, because if you lose your three lives, you lose the game. Enemies can be defeated, but only if you hit them on top of their heads, as direct contact means losing a life instead.

Now that we're quite positive you understood everything you needed, feel free to start the game right now and here, after which we promise you even more amazing games to come, as per usual!

How to play?

Use the WAD keys.

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