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Shape-Shifting Overview


Let's start Shape-Shifting with what represents one of the best new hypercasual racing games online in 3D with stickmen from our website, a combo that has always worked magically here, and was received very well, even more so when they are as dynamic as this one is, which features a big range of vehicles, lots of interesting and challenging courses, and multiple levels to test your skills with!

Use Shape-Shifting to win the race!

You will play as a Blue stickman, racing up against Red, Green, and Orange, having to clear a level by winning the race in it, which, obviously, happens if you cross the finish line ahead of the other racers, something that you will be helped with if you make good decisions in how you navigate the courses.

If the road is a highway, click/tap on the car button to transform into a car and navigate it fast, but when you see stairs, a car won't cut it. That's why you will transform back into a stickman so that you can climb the stairs. Do these changes at the right times and ahead of the other racers to get ahead of them.

After the first few levels, more elements are being added to the courses, such as water, which you cross by turning yourselves into boats, or you have the road going upward, at which point you can even transform into a helicopter to fly up and then get back to driving.

New kinds of vehicles get added after you complete a set of levels, but that also means the races become harder. Now that you've got a handle on the situation, start racing, shape-shift, and have fun like never before!

🤔 Tips & Tricks

  • Quickly morph from human to car, boat, or helicopter to speed up ahead!
  • Unlock new vehicles to cross each type of terrain!

Game Walkthrough

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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