Shape Shifting Race

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What is Shape Shifting Race?

Shape Shifting Race

Shape Shifting Race is going to be one of the best new hypercasual racing games online in 3D you get to find and play today on our website, and something tells us not the last either, since this genre is in bloom, growing more popular by the day, and how could it not with such great additions to it? Let's teach you what everything is, so you can begin at once!

Can you win the Shape Shifting Race online?

You are going to race against three other stickmen, with the yellow one being your avatar, but you have to tap on the buttons to change its shape between stick figure, car, boat, or other kinds of vehicles so that you adapt to each kind of road.

That is how you shape-shift from one form to another to get ahead of the stickmen the computer controls, and win the races, at the end of which you should use your rewards for upgrades to your form to make them faster and better.

That is the gameplay, so now that you know it, feel confident to play the game, both on computers and mobile devices, and then stick around for more great content to come here today for you all!

Game Walkthrough

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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