Super Stick Warriors

Super Stick Warriors

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Super Stick Warriors
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Super Stick Warriors Overview


Super Stick Warriors, as the title would aptly suggests, is a stickman fighting game online, one that we totally recommend to each and every visitor of our website, where the stickmen have designs inspired by your favorite anime like Dragon Ball Z or Naruto, and they have similar powers, where you can take part in high-octane fights on computers and mobile devices alike, something we will now teach you how it is done, so you can start at once!

Become the fiercest Super Stick Warriors online!

There are four modes to this game, for which we will now give you a quick introduction/explanation:

  1. You can go on an adventure riddled with fights in the Story mode, which you won't forget your whole life
  2. Fight until you die in the Survival mode
  3. Pick Training to hone your skills before you get to fight with the big boys
  4. In the Versus mode, you pick the opponents you want to fight in one-offs

As for the controls, they are simple too: WASD to move, space to charge, M to dash, N for beam, T for repulsion, I to blow, O for the ball, U to block.

Of course, there is a health bar for both you and your rivals, so fight and deplete them of theirs before they do it to you to become the winner. We wish you the best towards all this, and we hope you start your next fighting adventure right now and here!

How to play?

Use WASD, space, M, N, T, I, O, U.

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