Stick RPG Complete

Stick RPG Complete

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Stick RPG Complete
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Stick RPG Complete Overview


Stick RPG Complete is a new and awesome experience where you can live as a stickman, one who tries to live its life as interestingly and rich as possible, something we will tell you more about how you can help with here and now because you are only helping yourself, as you're playing that role!

Have the Stick RPG Complete adventure of your lives right now!

With the stickman, you can walk through the city, and do whatever it is you want, such as getting a job to make money, eating, sleeping, buying things, but also selling them, and interacting with the other stick people, as great relationships can take you really far in life.

Buy and sell stuff at the pawn shop, go to the casino, and do other activities, but make sure to keep your health up, which you get through good food and good sleep. Use WASD to move around, and bump into people to interact with them, and simply enter through doors.

It's quite that simple, as you can see, so feel free to begin right now, and don't stop for a second, since we've got even more great games in the works!

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