Stick Warrior Hero Battle

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Stick Warrior Hero Battle
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What is Stick Warrior Hero Battle?

Stick Warrior Hero Battle

Welcome to Stick Warrior Hero Battle, which represents one of the best new fighting games in 2 players to have been added to our website today, which has all of the things you would need from this format, so we would not have missed sharing it with you for anything in the world, so we hope to see you start having fun right away!

Who will win the Stick Warrior Hero Battle?

If you choose the 1P mode you go against the computer, if you choose the 2P mode you fight another real player, with one of you using the ARROWS, while the other one using the WASD keys.

Use your stick avatars and the random weapons given to them to hit, shoot, cut, and generally attack the other one, depleting their health bar completely to become the winner.

If you choose the Endless mode, the third option, you will be given one enemy after another, fighting until you cannot anymore. Also, power-ups and weapons appear in the arena, so make sure to grab them.

We wish you the very best, of course, and we hope that you stick around to see what more great content is yet to come here today for you, you can bet you will love it a whole lot!

How to play?

Use WASD and the ARROWS.

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