Stick Archers Battle

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Stick Archers Battle
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What is Stick Archers Battle?

Stick Archers Battle

Welcome to Stick Archers Battle, a brand new addition to our series of 2 player games and archery games online, both of which being highly-popular categories on their own, so you can only imagine how even more popular they are when combined, and this game is about to offer you the best of both worlds, that's for sure!

2 Players enter, only one wins the Stick Archers Battle!

The two players sit on top of rooftops with their bows and arrows in their hands, and the goal you have is to shoot the other player down enough times to deplete their health bar completely and win, without letting the same thing be done to you first.

They move their bows up and down randomly, and to shoot you have to press W and the Up Arrow. Hold these keys in order to pull back the arrow further and shoot with more force, because just a tap will not give you enough power.

Sometimes obstacles can appear between the two, so find a way to shoot past them. The first player to achieve three wins becomes the winner. Choose between 1P, 2P, and Deathmatch in the main menu, and then let the fun begin!

How to play?

Use the W key, Up arrow.

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