Stick Slasher

Stick Slasher

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Stick Slasher
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Stick Slasher Overview


Become the Stick Slasher is one of the best new action games with stickmen on our website, where you become a stick figure with a sword that has to attack all the enemies attacking him, because there will be plenty of them, and only you can help him survive the waves and get a big score in return!

How skilled a Stick Slasher can you be?

Move using A, and D, jump with the spacebar and use the mouse to attack, with each of the two buttons performing a different kind of sword slash.

You get 100 points per kill, an extra 100 for a head slash, and mercy is an indirect kill where you also get 100 points, but it does not raise the difficulty at the same time.

In addition to basic enemies, you have the dual-wielding ones, who you cannot disarm, the enemy with the giant sword, or the sword mage, who casts powerful spells on you, so use the shield for him.

The game is an endless fight against stickman swordsmen, so try to see how much you can resist them, and end up victorious, having fun as only here is possible!

How to play?

Use the A and D keys, spacebar, mouse.

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