Stickman Sketchman

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What is Stickman Sketchman?

Stickman Sketchman

Action-adventure games with stickmen and shooting all into one can always be an amazing experience for our visitors to have here, which is why it is our absolute pleasure that right now we could share with you all the game known as Stickman Sketchman, where you can bet on having quite an amazing time, just like we did, especially after we teach you what and how to do it!

Help Stickman Sketchman defeat all his foes!

In this 2D game, the world is modeled like it would have been drawn in a sketchbook, hence the title and the stickman at the center of the action need your help to jump, double jump, glide, and shoot, the four actions that help him avoid all the obstacles, traps, and dangers placed on the road, as well as defeat all the evildoers in his path, since there will be plenty of stickman enemies he needs to bring down.

Use up for jumping, and F to fire your guns. The stickman advances forward by itself, so you have to figure out the shooting and the jumping in order to withstand all the dangers this game presents. Enjoy, stick around, and see what other great content is still to come here for you all!

How to play?

Use the up and F keys.

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