Stickman Temple Duel

Stickman Temple Duel

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Stickman Temple Duel
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Stickman Temple Duel Overview


We now invite you to take part in a Stickman Temple Duel, which is one of the best new 2 player fighting games with stickmen on our website, a combo that always works perfectly and is well-received by players from all over the world, and if you can play this game with another real person, we recommend it, since you can never go wrong with such an experience!

Let's fight in the Stickman Temple Duel with 2 players!

The STORY MODE features platform-adventure levels with fighting and shooting where you help your stickman go from one level to another, advancing only by finishing the courses in which you have to defeat all the enemy stickmen you encounter, while also being careful of traps and obstacles, and many other dangers that can appear.

For the 2 PLAYER mode, the two players enter the temple arena with their stickmen and fight against one another to the death, with the goal being to deplete the other one's health bar first to win. Do the same for the VS BOT mode, but here you fight against a stickman controlled by the computer.

Now, there are three sets of controls you need to know and we will tell you about them right now:

  • For the Story Mode (1P): WASD to move, mouse to shoot.
  • For the 2P Mode: Player 1 moves with the arrows, and shoots with L, and K for shield. Player 2 moves with WASD, F for shooting, and G for the shield.
  • For the VS Bot mode: Arrows, L, K.

Let's have incredible fun fighting with two players, or by yourself, as the stickmen's temple is one of the coolest environments we've seen so far, and we're sure you will really appreciate it as well!

How to play?

  • P1: Arrows, L, K.
  • P2: WASD, F, G.
  • Story Mode: WASD, Mouse.
  • Bot Mode: Arrows, L, K.

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