Stickman Huggy 2

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What is Stickman Huggy 2?

Stickman Huggy 2

Stickman Huggy 2 continues the story of the first platform-adventure game in this series that we have seen our visitors really love, and which even got a spin-off already! In this one, the world is definitely more colorful than before, as you can see from the various blocks in various colors all around the place. Let's conquer this new world, shall we?

Stickman Huggy is back for more fun, are you ready to join him?

You will use the WASD keys to move and jump with your stickman toy, with whom you need to reach the end of each level to pass it, but make sure you grab the keys from the courses first, otherwise, the doors to further levels won't open up. If you can also collect money and increase your score, make sure you do it!

Be careful of spikes, wheels, and various traps, pits, and obstacles you will encounter, because they will cause you to lose if you bump into them at any time. It's all pretty straightforward, so we hope that you see the fun begin right now, and then keep having more of it on our website only!

How to play?

Use the WASD keys.

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