30s Sausage Survival Master

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30s Sausage Survival Master
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What is 30s Sausage Survival Master?

30s Sausage Survival Master

30s Sausage Survival Master is a hypercasual surviving game online in 3D featuring cameos from the Poppy Playtime Games category, made even better by the funny-looking 3D sausages that you get to control, with whom you try surviving against all the odds, and they're not good, as everyone is out to get you, something we know from experience, which is how we can now explain to you what and how to do it also!

Be the best 30s Sausage Survival Master online!

Use the mouse to move your sausage around no matter the arena, where you need not get caught by the monsters attacking you, either by grabbing you, smashing you, or even doing survival tasks such as making sure not to fall into the holes opening up in the floor, or racing towards the finish line whilst avoiding the vegetables thrown at you.

You get random challenges like that level after level, as you advance through them, and the more you survive, the more coins you earn, and with them you can buy new skins for your sausage in the main menu.

Discover this whole new world of fun like never before, and make sure you're sharing the game with friends too, since the more people have this awesome experience, the better!

Game Walkthrough

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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