Sausage Rivals 3D

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What is Sausage Rivals 3D?

Sausage Rivals 3D

Sausage Rivals 3D is a hypercasual fighting game online in 3D, which, as the title suggests, is one where the fighting is done with sausages, as the title suggests, and we're quite positive that you will be having plenty of fun with it, just like we did, and to make sure of that we will now teach you how to play it with no worries!

Start the fighting of the Sausage Rivals 3D online!

Use the mouse on computers and the finger on mobile devices to drag your sausage around the map, where you have to hit the other sausages and make them fall on knives or other things in such a way that you destroy them, and become the last standing sausage to win the level.

Of course, each new level gets more difficult than the last one, with more rivals appearing, but you should use the rewards you've earned to buy new upgrades for your sausage and make it stronger and better equipped for future fights, which we are sure you will also win.

Let's begin right now, only here, and stick around for more fun to come, since the day has only just begun, and we've always got nice surprises for you all!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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