Super Stickman Fight

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What is Super Stickman Fight?

Super Stickman Fight

On our website, we always want to bring forward new stickman fighting games online, if that is possible, and this is what we are happy to invite you all to do right now with the game called Super Stickman Fight, which is a game that falls in that genre, and it is one of really big quality, has simple and fun mechanics, and will make all the boys who love online fighting have a really great time!

Enter the arena of stickmen, and fight until you win!

Unlike most games in this world, you will use the mouse to move your stickman around, going to encounter them and fight them, until you have defeated them. As you proceed, make sure to avoid dangerous objects such as seesaws, spikes, flames, axes, and various weapons and traps.

What you should not avoid for anything in the world, still, are the stars, so make sure to collect as many of them as possible, and then use them to unlock various weapons to use in battle and defeat your stickman enemies easier. Defeat each enemy by depleting their health bar completely, and do it before the time granted for each battle runs out on you.

Good luck we want to wish you all, and we hope that you stick around for all the fun still to come, today and any other day, for that matter!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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