Noob vs Pro vs Stickman Jailbreak

Noob vs Pro vs Stickman Jailbreak

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Noob vs Pro vs Stickman Jailbreak
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Noob vs Pro vs Stickman Jailbreak Overview


The Noob vs Pro Games series continues right now in our Minecraft Games category with VS Stickman Jailbreak, a game we highly recommend even if you might have played various jail escape games in this category since this one has a new story, new mechanics, and tons of fresh fun for you to have, as you try escaping the prison after Noob got caught robbing a bank. You might have shot at the drone and car in the game's prequel, but he still is in prison!

Can you make a Stickman Jailbreak successful with a new Noob Vs Pro game?

The game is separated into days, and in each one, you need to escape in a different manner. For example, on Day 1 you will hit the wall with a pickaxe and then blow up the TNT, but you still got caught, as you will have made too much noise.

On Day 2, we invite you to try something new, of course! Look around the room, interact with objects, try finding clues, and try not to run out of energy completely, you might lose.

The Pro is sleeping in the beginning, so see if you can wake him up and maybe help you. Good luck, have fun and stick around, more great games are on their way right now, only for you!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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