Mr Noob Jailbreak

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What is Mr Noob Jailbreak?

Mr Noob Jailbreak

Help Mr Noob with his Jailbreak in one of the best new action and shooting games to have been added so far into the Minecraft Games category, which has gotten a second life and a big breath of fresh air with all these amazing Noob Games online we are happy to share with you!

Do a Jailbreak with Mr. Noob!

The controls are simple: use W to jump, S to slide, spacebar to start going in slow-motion, and the mouse to aim and shoot. Run through the courses, avoiding the dangers, traps, and pits, but most importantly, don't get shot by the various guards, some zombies, some robots, some other kinds of creatures.

Just make sure to shoot them instead and earn lots of coins in return, advance a big distance, and not get shot and killed instead, or the jailbreak stops there, as the guards will have done their job. Good luck, we wish you the best!

How to play?

Use the W, S, spacebar keys, and the mouse.

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