Noob vs Herobrine Fighting

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What is Noob vs Herobrine Fighting?

Noob vs Herobrine Fighting

Noob vs Herobrine Fighting is a brand-new fighting game online in two players that we are happy to provide you all with on our website, even more so considering that it features these two blocky characters going up against one another, and the 2 players in this game will both assume one of these roles, something we will now tell you how to do so that you can give the game your absolute best!

Have fun Fighting online with Noob vs Herobrine!

First things first, you might want to know the controls:

  • Player 1 moves with the ARROWS, N to strike, M to kick, < to block.
  • Player 2 uses WASD to move, R to strike, T to kick, and Y to block.

If playing solo, in the Arcade mode, meaning you go up against the computer, use the ARROWS to move, Z to strike, X to kick, and C to block. In this mode you have levels, and in each of them, you get a new enemy to fight against. Winning is achieved by depleting their health bar first before they can do it to you, in which case you've lost.

This is true for the 2P mode as well, but you will be fighting against a real person using these avatars, which is even more fun, without a doubt. Now that you are all aware of this all, start right now, at once, and don't stop here, since we've got some more great games right around the corner!

How to play?

P1: ARROWS, N, M, <.

P2: WASD, R, T, Y.


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