Magic Herobrine - smart brain & puzzle quest

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What is Magic Herobrine - smart brain & puzzle quest?

Magic Herobrine - smart brain & puzzle quest

The Minecraft Games category now brings forth the game called Magic Herobrine, where you go on adventures but also challenge your brain through puzzles, so you have plenty of amazing elements to enjoy from start to finish, and have an adventure you are not going to forget any day soon!

Play a smart brain & puzzle quest game with Magic Herobrine!

The goal you have in each level is to make it so that the box with the question mark on it drops to the floor where the Steve noob is also sitting, without having it fall into the abyss and something like that because if the box is lost, the level is also lost.

Click on various kinds of wooden tiles and blocks, but know that the rock blocks or balls are not going to disappear, only move. Figure out the best way to solve each problem and solve the level's puzzle.

Good luck we want to wish you all, we hope you have tons of fun from start to finish, and you don't stop here, since more amazing games are always on the pipeline of our website!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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