Noob: 5 Nights at Herobrine's

Noob: 5 Nights at Herobrine's

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Noob: 5 Nights at Herobrine's
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Noob: 5 Nights at Herobrine's Overview


Noob: 5 Nights at Herobrine's represents one of the best crossovers between Minecraft Games and FNAF Games, both two of our most important and popular categories here, so new and interesting content in both of them is always welcomed very well, even more so when it happens for them at the same time!

Help Noob survive 5 Nights at Herobrine's online!

Use the mouse to interact with your surroundings, having to flash the camera at Herobrine when the monster appears, which is going to be signaled by a sound you will hear, so focus. Otherwise, he catches you and you lose, which forces you to start again from scratch.

This you will have to do for a whole night, five of them in a row. You can also use the tablet, but know that both the tablet and the camera flash drain out your battery. Make sure not to run out of battery completely, because then you have no more weapons to use against the scary monsters of the night.

Good luck and the very best we want to wish you all, inviting you to stick around for more fun to come here, it is always a good idea!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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