Stickman Hook Rescue

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What is Stickman Hook Rescue?

Stickman Hook Rescue

If you like mouse skills games online that present you with a big challenge and a tough mission to accomplish, then you will definitely love to play Stickman Hook Rescue right now and here, where the Stickman looks like Spider-Man, and just like him, he can extend ropes in the air, something that you will use for your rescue mission. Let's see what is that all about!

Extend your hook to save the girl, and the day, like a true stickman hero!

You will have multiple levels to go through, with each one being more difficult than the one before, but your main goal in each of them is to save the girl being held hostage, using your extending hooks to reach her.

Click and hold the mouse to extend the hook and grab on to the points to bounce around, doing this to collect the coins, reach the girl, save her, and then go through the finish line.

What you need to be careful of is not only traps such as seesaws, but also the stickman enemies that are flying around and will try to shoot you with energy beams, because if they do, you lose. Take advantage of bouncy platforms to keep going.

Good luck we want to wish each of you before you start playing the game, and we hope that all of you stick around for even more fun to have. Enjoy!

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How to play?

Use the mouse.