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Sniper ShootZ Overview


Sniper ShootZ is going to be one of the best sniper games online in 3D you get to find and play, especially since it is also a hypercasual game, it has stickmen, and it is an endless journey in the world of accuracy, which is the primary skill you need to use to take down foes one after another and prove you are the reputable shot everyone says you are!

Let's Sniper ShootZ our targets!

You're in the sky, where there are patches of land with stickmen targets in red, some standing still, some of them moving, and all the stickmen on an island will represent your targets, which you need to shoot from afar with your sniper rifle, and once all have been brought down, you move to a new sky island with new targets.

After several of these stages are completed, you finish the level and earn coins, as well as new weapons are given to you, with better accuracy and powers to them. If you have stickmen standing on platforms, for example, try shooting down the platforms to make them all fall to their death, getting multiple enemies down with only one single bullet.

This is important because the number of bullets you are given for each level is limited, so don't shoot them randomly. At the same time, if you can shoot headshots, or make precise kills, you will see that the game will give you extra coins as rewards, improving your status, and giving you even better rifles.

Some stickmen move in sync, so why not try to make a bullet go through two or more targets at the same time? The better percentage you get at the end of a level, the better player it means you've become. Let's go, as there are countless levels with never-ending enemies to take down, and you can then take these skills and try them in other sniper games online from our website!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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