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Top Sniper

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Top Sniper
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Top Sniper Overview


A Top Sniper is a role that we invite you all to play in the game named the same from our website right now and here, which is going to definitely be one of the best new sniper games online that you get to have fun with on our website, from a category that has always had a high volume of visitors, because when it comes to shooting games, these are the most challenging ones!

Do you have what it takes to be a Top Sniper online?

In each level you are sitting far away from your targets, whom you have to shoot with your sniper rifle, something you do by aiming when you hold the right mouse button, which activates the scope, and then you shoot by clicking the left mouse button.

Depending on the kind of hit or injury you make on your opponent, you get more or fewer points, but always aim to shoot them down completely. Why? Well, if they are still alive, they know your location and will start shooting back, and if your health points all run out, you lose.

There are 30 bullets you can use to achieve your goal, so don't run out completely before finishing each mission. Good luck, godspeed, and we hope you stick around for the other great games to come here today for everyone!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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