Sniper Attack

Sniper Attack

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Sniper Attack
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Sniper Attack Overview


Sniper Attack is a game added right now and here for you all to show you that we know you love playing shooting games with snipers online, which is why we are always making sure to bring you more content as this one right now, and our gut tells us that you're going to have simply a blast start to finish, just like it had been true for us as well!

Let's perform a Sniper Attack online!

Start off by choosing between two locations, two cities that seem quite rundown, but they are actually filled with terrorists whom you have to take down to save your country. After choosing it, start shooting down the targets you find on the ground, from your Hightower, and make sure not to let them kill you since they will shoot back at you as well.

Move with WASD, use the scope with the right mouse button, and take shots with the left mouse button, of course. Try to take shots even at a greater distance, since that is how you will improve your accuracy and focus. Good luck, start now, and make sure not to stop here since we've got plenty more amazing content in store for you!

How to play?

Use the mouse and WASD keys.

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