Sniper: Hunting

Sniper: Hunting

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Sniper: Hunting
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Sniper: Hunting Overview


Sniper: Hunting is a game that fits into both of these shooting games categories of our website, where you are going to use a sniper rifle to hunt down bears and other animals, which is a combination that we guarantee you all that works very well right here, which we know from our own time with the game, hence why we shared it with you all. Let's explain it then, shall we?

Have fun Sniper Hunting online!

In each level, you have a different animal as a target, such as goats, bears, and other wild animals, and your goal is to shoot them down with your sniping skills before the time runs out on you in each level. Simply use the mouse or the touch controls to aim and shoot the guns, using R for reloading.

Try not to miss too much, because when you do, you only make noise, meaning that the animals will catch on to you, and run away, and in case you lose them completely, you also lose the level. Each new one features a more difficult target than before, but we are sure you will still do great. Good luck, enjoy!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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