Dino Hunter: Killing Strand

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What is Dino Hunter: Killing Strand?

Dino Hunter: Killing Strand
Your job is to hunt dinosaurs! You are a hunter who hunts dinosaurs for the mission! You have multiple missions in the game, at first, you only have a small weapon like a sword and you only need to hunt a small number of dinosaurs. You can choose between 3 maps, Paradise Island, Desert of Bones, and the Hell Rocks.

Paradise Island is a rocky map with trees and flat pieces. It is the first map you can choose from the 3 and has its own unique set of levels. At first, you will only have a machete and a low number of dinosaurs to kill. Eventually you will also get a pistol, and more dinosaurs to kill.

As you progress through the game, you will get better weapons, on mission 3 you will have to find the shotgun and kill 2 dinosaurs with it. There are many types of dinosaurs, smaller ones have less HP thus need fewer shots to kill, while bigger ones have much higher HP and need more shots to kill even with a shotgun. You also have flying dinosaurs that you may encounter or snakes as well.

The other maps have their own set of levels. The next map is the Desert of Bones, it is a desert wasteland with rocks and cacti. The Hell Rocks is a very rocky, vulcanic map and by far the hardest in the game. Try to beat all of the levels!

Play to become a dinosaur hunter!

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How to play?

Left-click: fire; Right-click: aim or block; WASD: move; Left Shift: sprint; Left Ctrl: crouch; X: prone; Space: Jump; F: interact; R: reload; H: holster weapon; G: grenade; C: change camera view; V: melee attack; T: bullet time; Esc/Tab: pause.