Skibidi Hunting

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What is Skibidi Hunting?

Skibidi Hunting

Skibidi Hunting is going to be one of the most interesting shooting games 3D you get to play in this category, which diversifies the toilet people by transforming them into toilet animals, animals that have their heads stuck inside toilet bowls, which you are now going to hunt with your guns, something we will explain right now!

Let's go Skibidi Hunting online!

With the mouse you are going to move your sniper rifle around, holding the right mouse button to activate the scope, and then shooting by clicking left. Make sure to hunt all the animals in the area, because after one gets shot, the others get alerted, so you have to move quickly before they disappear because if you lose a target, you also lose the level.

Begin right now, have fun hunting the toilet animals, and maybe tell your friends that the Skibidi Toilet Games category is here, on our website, and it is really amazing!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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