Skibidi Survivor Rush

Skibidi Survivor Rush

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Skibidi Survivor Rush
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Skibidi Survivor Rush Overview


Skibidi Survivor Rush is one of the best shooting games 3D from this meme games category, also a hypercasual one that you can enjoy on both computers and mobile devices alike, which we hope to see you do, especially since this category only has the best in it, as we will prove right now and here!

Start your Skibidi Survivor Rush online right now!

Hold and swipe on the screen with the mouse or touch controls to move your Cameraman around the city, shooting automatically at the Skibidi Toilets that attack you from various positions, having to survive without getting killed by them, but, instead, shoot up as many of them as possible.

Between waves of enemies, add boosts such as speed, firepower, XP multipliers, and more, but, most importantly, when you encounter other Cameramen. If they are on your level, you merge and power up into a superior one, and keep doing so grow your army, and be able to defeat even more foes.

Each new level will feature more Skibidis, so surviving becomes more difficult, but also more fun, we totally promise, but now you have all the info you require on how to do it, so we're sure you will be confident to start doing it right away!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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