Whack a Skibidi

Whack a Skibidi

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Whack a Skibidi
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Whack a Skibidi Overview


Whack a Skibidi is a new skill, reaction time, and funny action game online in 3D with the most popular meme toilet in the world, one that you can also play on mobile devices, as you can see right now, with our team having already played it, so we are now confident to tell you how to do it too, so you can start having the same awesome experience!

Let's Whack a Skibidi online!

Out of the nine brackets, there will be the heads of the toilets popping out, and you need to click or tap on them fast enough before they go back in to whack them, getting points each time you do it, and before the time of each wave runs out, you try scoring a big number of points by doing so.

Each new wave moves faster than the last, so your skill and reaction times should also increase and level up, so you are up to par with the annoying singing heads coming out of toilets. Try to see how far you can reach by doing so, and have a whacking and wacky fun time as only with our great new games of the day can you!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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