Hunting Simulator

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What is Hunting Simulator?

Hunting Simulator

Hunting Simulator is the perfect way for people who are interested in going hunting but love animals to not kill them in real life to have this kind of experience, as with this brand new sim game you get to go out hunting various prey, the bigger the better, and have incredible fun unlike you've ever had here!

Let's go hunting in the 3d simulator!

Reindeer, rabbits, wolves, boars, and birds can be hunted in this game, so start with the one you are most curious about, after which you will be dropped into their habitat with the perfect weapon to hunt them down, and later down the road you will be able to unlock new ones as well.

For each animal, there are multiple levels that grow in difficulty, but you should also know that the more you kill, the more money you get in return for your prey, which you can use to acquire that new weaponry. Use the mouse to aim and shoot, and if you want to zoom, press the right mouse button. Let the fun begin right now, and don't waste a second, have fun, and then try more of our cool content!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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