Sniper vs Sniper

Sniper vs Sniper

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Sniper vs Sniper
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Sniper vs Sniper Overview


Sniper vs Sniper is an exciting new game in this genre that we're delighted to share with you all right now since sniper games online in 3D are already top games from our website that boys and men alike that a lot of interest in, as they should, since they are awesome, and this one being even more dynamic, you're in for even more fun to come!

Sniper vs Sniper, who wins?

Two maps with buildings will be put in the game, one for you, one for your enemy sniper, and you need to take shots at the one on the other side and defeat them, before they do the same to you, which they will attempt. The first who gets the kill wins the sniper battle online!

You've got a total of five bullets per round and 100 Health Points. Dose them well to stay ahead, and know that each new fight is harder than the last, and you and the computer are fighting to see who gets the most kills and victories!

Hopefully, it will be you! It's that simple, so start shooting your sniper rifles right now, and then stick around for even more great games to come!

How to play?

Use the mouse, WASD keys.

Tips & Tricks

  • Use the walls as a defence when the rival sniper shoots at you, but use holes in them to take aim at them.
  • Try to aim and shoot at the snipers when they are standing still, or wait for them to have to reload their five shots, a great time to take them out!

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