Combat Sniper

Combat Sniper

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Combat Sniper
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Combat Sniper Overview


Combat Sniper is one of the best shooting games in this specific genre that we're very happy to have the chance to share with you free of charge on our website right now, where we can never go wrong with the new and amazing games we bring forward for you, especially when it comes to sniper shooting games 3D!

Become the most skilled Combat Sniper online!

The scope on the rifle is the most important accessory this gun has, so know that you can zoom in with it to see your targets by using the mouse wheel, and when you have your target in sight, shoot by clicking the left mouse button.

Start off with the training mode, where the target is easily given to you, but in other missions, like the bomb scare, for example, you need to look carefully around the locations to identify the villains and shoot them up before they can do something bad.

You might have to shoot down terrorists, and kidnappers, stop robbers from escaping the bank they've just stolen from, and even have some missions where the undead arrive, and you have to shoot zombies, if you wish for your survival.

Here you will be a trained sniper for hire, so for completing missions you earn coins in return, which you use in the shop to buy new rifles, new scopes, or even change your skin and look differently if you wish.

Great timing, patience, and the best we wish you all, as we invite you to check out even more sniper games online for free we've got here in addition to this one!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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