Torture Chamber 2

Torture Chamber 2

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Torture Chamber 2
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Torture Chamber 2 Overview


Torture Chamber 2 is now on our website because we've seen how much you enjoyed the first such game we brought along for you, where this time you get to do even crazier stunts and survive even bigger dangers, an experience we are highly positive you are going to love, even more so if you've already played the first such game!

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In each room that your torture subject finds himself in you can cause him pain, and your goal is to get that meter as high as possible if you wish to have done your job right.

Use the mouse or keyboard, figure out how to drag items, and interact with the settings so that the room itself causes damage, as well as the objects you find.

Hit, squish, shoot, and try to wreck up the stickman as badly as possible, and get creative with it to have even more fun out of this game. Surely you've understood, so begin right now, and maybe check out the first iteration of this game as well, it's also a hoot!

How to play?

Use the mouse.


Scott Productions

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